Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Thank you to all the father's who are an active part of their children's lives. It's so hard to be a good dad with all the demands of a modern life. You are pulled in so many directions to do a good job. Happy Father's Day.

From Ann Kelley Photography

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shamless Plug

From Apartment Postcard

From Apartment Postcard

If anyone is interested in renting a newly renovated apartment downtown Los Angeles that is "BRAND NEW" this is the place. Address: 1839 w 12th st, Los Angeles, 90006. Call 310 721 6317 if interested.

After Renovation of Two Units.

After a lot of thought and hard work from the management company, Golden Estate Management, I work with and the construction people here are the results.

Before Pictures

This is typical living conditions for the Latino area of Los Angeles. I hope to make some difference.

I've been gone for awhile but I'm back.

I had this crazy idea that I would jump into the real estate investment market and buy an apartment building. Well, I can tell you it has made my life interesting to say the least. I had this grand illusion that it was be "fun" and fairly "simple." I have lost a lot of nights sleep am learning first handed about the Hispanic culture.

I have been advised by my mentors not to fix my building up because I would never see the value come back to me. They are probably right. From a financial view it's probably a waste of $$$. To me it is not the value and how much money I am going to put in my pocket at the end of the day. It's about giving people a chance to live at a standard that they deserve.

My building is at 12th and Alvarado in downtown Los Angeles.

Here are pictures of my building when started. It is going to be a slow process for me but eventually I plan to give 24 families a decent place to live that is affordable.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Way to go Christian

Congratulations for this very important milestone in your life.

On January 23, 2009, Christian graduated from the Navy Recruitment Center (better known as boot camp) in Great Lakes, IL. On Jan 27th he will be moving to Conn to start sub-school. He is going to be training as a sonor tech for a nuclear submarine among other things. His education will take around 1.5 years. During this time he will also be earning a two year associates degree. After training he will be stationed with the Western Fleet, meaning that he will end up in Hawaii, Washington or San Diego.

Christian is third generation to join the Navy. How things have changed since my father was assigned to an aircraft carrier, The USS Lexington. My father did experience WWII first handed. He was just outside of Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th named Pearl Harbor Day. He was on the Lexington when it sank.

My brother was on the USS
Constellation, also an aircraft carrier, from 67-72 fighting the war in Vietnam.

And yes, Christian can stand up straight, do his own laundry, fold his clothes, iron, make a bed, be on time, eat with exceptional manners, scrub a bathroom (that was his assigned duty)....most of all he has grown up and taken responsibility for his life as well as for all of yours by choosing to protect this great country.

The part that pleases me the most in his own words was, "Joining the Navy was the best choice I ever made."

He looked really happy and very proud that he was able to successfully complete such a tough job. Believe me they do not go easy on those kids...

From Ann Kelley Photography

The start of the ceremony

This is Freedom Hall where the graduation took place. As you can see from the snow the weather was very cold. It was around 10 degrees. Christian said that they made them march from one end of the base to the other when it was -30 degrees/-40 degrees with the wind chill factor.

Scot, Christian's Dad.

Flags from all the states are represented here.

The Navy band entertained us before the recruits/soon to be graduates came in.